SMIC is proud to be a member of the I² Integration Group.  SMIC provides all of the controls and automation design to the I² Group and I² provides our customers with a catalogue of automation options.

I² provides state of the art, custom design solutions to complex packaging and automation challenges.  Innovation to Integration, they take a customer centric approach to your fully automated project solution.

Show-Me Industrial Controls, Inc has partnered with InLine Motion to offer our customers custom product handling and food processing systems.  The team at InLine Motion offers unmatched quality and superb attention to detail engineering.

Unmatched quality and design in stainless steel material and food handling conveyance means not only a plant that has highly reliable equipment, but looks as good as it performs as well.

Show-Me Industrial Controls, Inc has partnered with Integrated Electronic Solutions to offer our customers a fully turn-key solution to PLC and Plant Control Networks.  IES designs efficient and scaleble backbone network infrastructures to ensure your PLC or plant control network maintains maximum up time and ease of expansion.

SMIC and IES work together to design and test a network that will work for your facility.  We utilize Integrated Architecture Builder from Rockwell to completely design your network and ensure the hardware and topology we specify will work for your application.

Show-Me Industrial Controls, Inc has been partnered with OK International Corporation since the late nineties.  We believe that when it comes to case erectors and bag inserters, there is no better company in the market.  Like SMIC, OK International puts customer service at the front of everything they do.