Industrial Control Panels


As a UL508A certified company, we adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety in the design and assembly of our industrial control panels. UL508A certification is granted by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a globally recognized and respected organization that evaluates and certifies products for compliance with rigorous safety and performance standards.

Being UL508A certified signifies that our control panels have undergone thorough testing and validation to ensure they meet strict safety, performance, and reliability requirements. This certification demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing you with industrial control solutions that not only perform exceptionally but also prioritize the safety and well-being of your team and operations.



Research and discovery to formulate a design plan.  What platform, components, and other considerations are needed?  Environment, skill sets, production metrics, all are topics of discussion when we look at formulating a design theory.

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Once we have discovery completed and a theory of design, we put together a motor and IO schedule, calculate our spare, and then put together a high level critical B.O.M. (Bill of Materials).  This allows us to proceed to the next, and one of the most important steps.

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We believe inclusiveness in the design process keeps us from making mistakes, and keeps us from delivering a product you are not happy with in the end.  If there is a good line of communication and inclusiveness in the design process, there won’t be any surprises during commissioning.  We review the design theory and scope with you at this step.


This step is where theory starts to meet practical.  We utilize AutoCAD Electrical for our design suite.  We have a standard library of the most common components and accessories and a team of design technicians ready to drop them in and connect the wires.  ACADe in conjunction with our design template, allows us to be quicker to production that most panel shops which means we get to the next step quicker.

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In this time of supply chain crisis and economic uncertainty, we are constantly monitoring lead times of components and cost increases.  Because we get to this step quickly in our process, chances are great that the cost quoted for materials will be the final cost you pay.  Additionally, we know you want your system as quickly as possible.  In these instances, we can often order critical BOMs as soon as you approve the design theory.

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At this step, design has been released to engineering at least twice, once for initial redline revisions and once again for final quality inspection.  We now release design to the manufacturing team and let them get to work.  Our team ensures labels are present on every component using phenolic markers and wire tags.  They also ensure torque specs are met on termination points.  This step is where our quality really shines.


Final quality inspection consists of power up, point to point checkout, firmware and software updates, and network configuration.  This save countless hours in the field for commissioning and assures you, our customer partner, that your system is ready to go when it arrives on site.